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Why US ??

Our Trusted Partner for All New Builds have over 60 Years of experience of Building Family Homes. We will Provide you with Architects, Developers and Builders and of course our Passion to Offer our Clients/Friends a Good Work Ethics and Quality. In Addition we Specialize in Interior Design and Renovations. For US , no work is neither too small or too big. We Start each Project with the same dedication regardless of its size and budged. That is why our Customers are always satisfied with our Work.







TRY us and you will not regret it!!



  1. We carry out a Personalized Study, Totally Free of Charge to realize your Project.
  2. Architecture Department can Customize any kind of Project attending to the Architectural Style that matches better the Client liked and that would be a success as an Investment.
  3. We Offer you the Results using a Visual 3D Infographics so that you have a Realistic Idea of the final aspect of the Project.
  4. We incorporate Specialized Reports with Memory of Quality of the Products used and Fixed Cost Quotes.
  5. We Commit under Contract to carry out the Execution of Work within the Agreed Deadlines.








FOUNDATION Reinforced concrete foundation with tie beams Sanitary forget. A forget with a space between the Land and the House. A traditional system to avoid the Humidity.

STRUCTURE Waterproof, reinforced concrete, one-way slab. Reinforced concrete waffle slab with steel/concrete pillars and beams according to the structure project details.

ROOF Inverted flat roof finished with white roof tiles or white gravel on not transited areas and selected high quality ceramic porcelanic with non-slip finish in terrace areas. Waterproofing of terraces over living areas with double asphalt layer and high-density insulation (50mm).

EXTERIOR WALLS AND SURFACE Ceramic bricks double layer with insulation (density 45Kg/m3). Exterior renders with damp proof cement mortar in color white.

INTERIOR WALLS AND SURFACES Ceramic bricks finished with “mastered” Plaster work and smooth plastic paint.

FLOORING & TILING Interior HIGH Quality Marble “Cream Marfil” 40×60 cm with highly polished finish. From the quarry “El Coto “. Exterior and terraces : High quality Marble “Cream Marfil ” 40×60 cm with a pre-polished finish. Swimming Pool Area: High quality Marbel “Cream Marfil” 40×60 cm with a Non-Slip finish.

EXTERIOR CARPENTRY Aluminium carpentry, profiles by Cortizo or similar, high quality windows CLI-MALIT 6/14/4. Main sliding doors with sunken frames and lift & sides system with thermal break and security double glazing. Bedrooms Doors: Sliding hidden sashes system with thermal break and security double glazing. Windows : tilt and turn hidden sash system with thermal break and security double glazing.

INTERIOR CARPENTRY Front Door: Security system door with wood finish. Interior Doors : White smooth lacquered wood with Stainless steel concealed hinges. Wardrobes : White textured lacquered wood with stainless steel concealed hinges.

EXTERIORS Lower retaining wall in exposed stone Plot to road enclosed:1,50m high damp proof concrete brick colored in “Cream Marfil” Plot to plot division: Galvanized mesh (2meters) and/or vegetation screen according to type and location. Terrace banisters in glass and aluminium finish Vehicle gate to driveway entrance in collored aluminium with electric engine with remote control. Walking gate to driveway entrance in collored aluminium Overhead light.

SWIMMINGPOOL Reinforced concrete structure. Waterproofing by Revestech or equivalent. Finished with white mosaic. Salt or Chlorine based filtration system with water pump.

SANITATION System separated from rainwater and wastewater

ELECTRICITY Electrical switches and sockets SIMON. High Tech series or similar.

HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING Daikin system or similar by concealed ducts throughout the House with separate areas. Each Room has Independent control. With ECO savings. Aerothermine.